Corporate security software that your business can depend on

For businesses who maintain their security operations in-house, you need software that is reliable and robust – without breaking the bank.

Security Risk Manager is a simple yet incredibly powerful software application suite for corporate security teams.

Corporate security software
that your business can depend on

What can corporate security teams expect when using Security Risk Manager?

Simple tools and benefits that make life easier and people safer

Monitor your guards’ location through GPS tracking and checkpoint logging, even in low bandwidth areas

Track staff, contractor, and visitor movements in real-time with an easy to use, smartphone app

The platform is so easy to use, that when a rapid response to an emergency is required, managers and guards can respond quickly and clearly

Keep owners and management happy

Provide management with automatically maintained logs of all activity, including completed patrols, incidents and authorised visitors

Using their SRM-Customer smartphone app, business owners and managers can keep abreast of incidents and communicate with Security Operations as necessary

Our budget-friendly and scalable pricing avoids the need for lengthy debate to convince others of a sound business case

Make human resources and recruitment decisions based on activity reports and accurate, time-stamped information

Minimal set-up, training or IT support required

No special hardware is needed to operate the Security Risk Manager platform—just smartphones for guards and managers (to monitor operations) and web browsers for managers.

User-friendly and easy-to-use interfaces for guards and other users, eliminating confusion and the need for training.

Our cloud-based software means that you can input additional guards, sites and assets without the need for IT support.

The monthly, pay-as-you-go pricing includes onboarding by Customer Success Manager, contact centre support, and no interruption software updates.

Try our affordable corporate security software and keep everyone safe

Security Risk Manager has been purpose-built for Security Operations teams in a digital age. Walkie talkies and physical logbooks are no longer fit for purpose. The likelihood of human error grows as managers demand more output from fewer resources.

Security Risk Manager helps solve that problem for corporate security teams. It’s cost-effective, minimises safety and reputational risk, and keeps management happy.

Security Risk Manager brings an enterprise-grade level of capability and security to smaller and medium-sized businesses.

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Leslie Tan

Chief Operating Officer

Leslie Tan has held numerous senior positions within product, sales, business development, marketing, and operational teams, spanning a range of industries and in various locations across Asia Pacific.

He has an in-depth understanding of all the strategic and operations functions of a business, including how to develop a group of individuals into a highly productive, unified team.

Before joining Software Risk, Leslie worked for leading global technology and consumer brands and also owned and operated several other businesses.

As COO of Software Risk, Leslie has a broad set of responsibilities—from partnering with the CEO and management team to develop and execute strategic business initiatives, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring compliance with corporate governance, policies and processes, as well as taking a hands-on role in driving all aspects of products/services go-to-market and their performance.

A born and bred Singaporean, with a global mindset, Leslie is a firm believer of the importance of establishing a first-hand understanding of a client’s business to understand their key concerns and objectives and then provide them with a solution to those needs.

Dr Dennis

Chief Technology Officer

With both an undergraduate degree and doctorate in computer science, followed by 10 years of experience as a software engineer and solutions architect, Dennis brings a unique combination of research, teaching, and software engineering expertise to the Software Risk team.

He has worked on both large and small-scale projects and products, as well as consulting to the Australian Department of Defence on intelligence analysis.

Dennis’ passion for technology and solving problems, combined with his qualifications and professional experience, enable him to quickly identify how technology can solve a problem, rather than always relying on people.

He works with his team to develop smart tools that do not rely on language or technical know-how, ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

Dennis and his team of Software Risk software engineers are skilled at assessing client requirements, researching suitable technologies, designing solutions, and developing products.

With a focus on quality, security, and privacy, Dennis’ technology team ensures rigorous testing and evaluation of the features and design before delivering them to market. This commitment provides clients with the certainty that they are investing in a robust and fit-for-purpose product.

Ian Stewart

(Member of ASIS International)

Software Risk’s Founder, Ian Stewart has a wealth of experience in international executive, strategic, and operational roles across commercial and government sectors. In particular, Ian has spent:

  • Close to ten years working in risk management—including six years at a risk management and security company, providing boutique risk solutions in one of the most demanding operating environments in the world;
  • 20 years in the Australian Army; and
  • 2 years in the Australian Police Force.

Consequently, he brings significant industry experience and unique expertise to his role as Software Risk’s Founder. Ian has an innate understanding of his clients’ commercial business drivers as well as the logistics and specific demands involved in providing security operations.

It is this experience and understanding that drives his vision of using technology to keep people safe for Security Risk Manager (SRM); providing security companies and in-house security teams with an innovative, effective, and cost-efficient solution to the management of their operational needs.